Online Video Therapy Services

I offer video counseling to clients who are either too busy or unable to come to a traditional therapy office. 

You may prefer video therapy if:

  • You are a professional who frequently travels or don't have time in your work day to drive to an office
  • You live outside of the Bay Area, but would like to receive counseling from me 
  • You have young children or are schooling children at home
  • You cannot leave home for any reason at all. 

With Internet video counseling you will have the ability to schedule regular sessions that best fit your schedule.

I utilize the Vsee™ application which is encrypted for confidentiality.  This app can be downloaded onto either your phone or laptop, or both if you prefer.

My preference is to meet you face to face for the first meeting, if at all possible.  After that we can continue with video counselling. I encourage you to use secure wifi with a strong signal.

I have learned to use EMDR as well as Lifespan integration over video, and I am happy to say that I have seen the same kind of improvement as with office visits.

If you are not acquainted with the practices of  EMDR and Lifespan Integration , I invite you to take a look at these links. (click on the words in green)

Important note: Under California law concerning Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, I can only counsel clients who live in this state.